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Flexible plans and refund options give many choices

Residents of Bridgewater Retirement Community pay a one-time entrance fee and
on-going monthly fees. Entrance fees vary according to the residence and financial plan you select. We offer several financial options, so you can select the plan you prefer. Although the information listed summarizes the advantages of each plan, we recommend that you consult with your financial advisor to select the best option for your circumstances.

The nine-year declining refund plan offers the most affordable entrance fees. The entrance fee is amortized over a nine-year period, with the refundable balance declining each month. The 50% refundable plan offers the advantage of securing your future living arrangements with a moderate entrance fee, while preserving a portion for your estate. Although our 100% refundable plan does require our highest entrance fee, it offers you the advantage of securing your future living arrangements while preserving the entire entrance fee for your estate.

Learn about the benefits of joining our wait lists.

If planning ahead, the general wait list fee is $150 (1 person) or $200 (couple). Or, if you want to be on our priority list, ask for details of the Bridgewater Advance Team!

For detailed information, contact us or call to arrange a personal appointment and tour.